0.4 Using a meishi

When doing your self introduction, you are going to need a めいし (meishi).

めいし (meishi) is business card. The way to hold a めいし (meishi) correctly is in the top corners. So that when you present it to the person, they can read whats on the card. 

So you would say:

はじめまして (Hajimemashite) - with your bow.

ブラウン・ジェシカ と もうします。(Buraun Jeshika (Brown Jessica) to moushimasu.)

Then they will take the card, by the bottom corners and then look at it and try to identify where your name is written and what you just said to them. They would probably repeat your name back to you.

ブラウン・ジェシカ です か。(Buraun Jeshika desu ka?) - meaning "Is it Brown Jessica?"

Then they would probably hand you their card, again, they will hand it to you so that you can read it. So they will be holding it in the top corners like that, and it is presented with a bow. So that is how to use a めいし (meishi).

Lesson Activity

Answer the quiz questions.

Fun optional activity. Create your own めいし (meishi) and get a photo of you presenting it. Share your photo here in Flipgrid (Password: LetMeInArigato)

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