0 Introduction

Konnichiwa, Jess desu!

Hi! It's Jess from Nihongo Connection. This is your beginner's course.

Welcome! I am so glad that you are here!

We are going to have a lot of fun learning Japanese. We are going to take it step by step. I am going to break it down into small lessons. All of your lessons are going to be no more than 5 minutes long, but the emphasis will be for you to practice.

I am going to give you lots of different resources that are going to help you to learn because every learner is different. So there will be some pictures, there will be some writing, there will be something to listen to, something to look at.

I am going to make sure that there are many different ways of learning that will help you on your journey.

With that, I would like you to complete the quiz question and let's get started!

Lesson Activity

I would like to know what type of learner you are so that I can make sure to include resources that will work best for you.

Take this quiz.

Answer the quiz question here in this lesson.

Mark this lesson complete to get credit for it. 

Lessons for this module 7
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