0.2 Basic Japanese self introduction

こんにちは、ジェスです。 (Konnichiwa Jess desu.)

So this is the very first greeting that we are going to work with.

こんにちは (konnichiwa) means hello and also good-day! It works in the same way as good afternoon but you can also say it earlier in the day as well. 

こんにちは (konnichiwa) is a general daytime greeting. 

こんにちは (konnichiwa)!

The other thing that I said was ジェスです。 (Jess desu.) Now, Jess is my name and desu is like saying, "It is" or "I am".

So a very short introduction would be ジェスです。 (Jess desu.) 

Now, I want you to think about using that in terms of your name. So instead of saying ジェスです。 (Jess desu.) you are going to use:

[your name] です。 ([your name] desu.)

For example, my cat's name is Oliver, and if he spoke Japanese he would say:

オリバーです。(Oliver desu.)

My other cat's name is Pixie, and if she spoke Japanese she would say:

ピクシーです。(Pixie desu.)

So I would like you to say or write your name, followed by です。(desu.) as a self introduction.

Then I would like you to say or write:

こんにちは (konnichiwa)! 

[your name] です。 ([your name] desu.)

So you are going to say everything that I said when I started this video:

こんにちは (konnichiwa)! 

[your name] です。 ([your name] desu.)

So have a go at that and answer the quiz questions.

I look forward to seeing you in the next video!

Lesson Activity

Say the target language out loud and answer the quiz questions.

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