Beginner Bootcamps 2023

Would you like to learn Japanese in an intensive way?

Then join us for our Beginner Weekend Bootcamps 2023!

(Or are you looking for our Interactive Online Beginner course?)


Would you like to discover...

- strategies to save you time learning?

- how to speak Japanese without causing offence?

- how to quickly start speaking even if you think you don’t know enough vocabulary?

- how to enjoy making mistakes?

- what to expect during your trip to Japan?

- your strengths and weaknesses and suggestions to help you improve more quickly from an experienced teacher and long-term learner of Japanese ?

Yes! Let me in!


Here is what is in the curriculum:

🇯🇵 The sounds of the Japanese language

🇯🇵 Hiragana and Katakana 

🇯🇵 Self introductions

🇯🇵 Numbers 1-10,000

🇯🇵 Asking and answering questions.

🇯🇵 Travelling in Japan - vocabulary to get you places.

Yes! Let me in!

And here are the Bootcamp Details:

★ Online classroom allowing you to join us from anywhere in the world.

★ Experienced and qualified teacher who has taught multiple successful students.

★ Small group lessons (4 people maximum).

★ Basic, Plus and VIP experiences available.

★ 5 hours minimum of formal classes with example exercises.

★ Culture focus, including lessons on ordering food and Japanese table-manners.

Bonus online course of supporting resources to use after your bootcamp.

Bonus Facebook group to share your questions in our community.

Bonus Invitation to join our Beginner's Japanese Membership.

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When? Currently available dates:

1st-2nd July

More dates coming soon!

Upgrade options:

Want more learning time?

Pay £197 for the PLUS OPTION = 1 extra hour focused small group lesson.

Want more individual attention and feedback?

Pay £247 for the VIP OPTION = (includes Plus option) & 1-1 lesson.

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IMPORTANT! There are only 4 spaces available per date. So I would invite you to book your Bootcamp space now. 

To book:

  1. Check The available dates.
  2. Decide your preferred date.
  3. Decide your preferred status: Basic, Plus or *VIP (*2 available).
  4. Choose your payment option: Paypal or card.
  5. Make your payment.
  6. Follow the instructions to provide us with your chosen date and status information.
  7. Await your confirmation email (24-48 hours after registration (M-F))

Individual dates will be removed once fully booked. Please check the dates carefully. You will be required to enter your chosen date after payment has been processed.

Should you apply for a date after the spaces have been filled you will be given a place on the waitlist for that date and offered an alternative date or offered a full refund.

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What do community members think?

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  •  How do I book?

Decide if you want Basic, Plus or VIP and make the payment. Pay here: Yes! Let me in!

After payment you will be asked to specify your preferred bootcamp date. We will contact you within 48 hours to confirm your place.

  • What happens if I pay then discover that my preferred bootcamp is fully booked?

You will have the option to stay on the waitlist for that bootcamp weekend, move to another bootcamp weekend or request a full refund.

  • What is the schedule? 

(These times are approximate and subject to change)

Day One 09:00-13:45 for Basic and Plus / 09:00-15:15 for VIPs. Online homework will be set and students are expected to complete it during their free time in the afternoon/evening.

Day Two 09:00-11:00 for Basic / 09:00-13:45 for Plus / 09:00-15:15 for VIPs.

The Basic Bootcamp consists of 5 hours of official classes.
Three hours in the morning and then a lunch time lesson on Day 1. In the morning of Day 2 there will be two more hours of lessons.

If you choose the Plus option you get an extra hour with the teacher, plus lunch lesson on Day 2.

If you choose the VIP option you also get the “Plus” benefits and a 1-1 lesson with your teacher. (50 minute 1-1 lesson which can be taken before, during or after the bootcamp).

  • How old are participants?

Past participants have been from 18 to 55 years of age.

    • Can I pay for Basic and upgrade to Plus or VIP later on?

    No, please choose Basic, Plus or VIP when you book as this will enable us to organise the bootcamp around your participation.

    • Can I pay for Plus or VIP now and downgrade to Basic later on?

    No, please choose Basic, Plus or VIP when you book because this will enable us to organise the bootcamp around your participation.

    • Can I get a refund?

    Receive a full refund if you cancel 14 days or more before your chosen bootcamp.

    • Can I change the date of my bootcamp?

    Change your chosen date 14 days or more before your purchased Bootcamp.

      • My daughter is 17, can she attend?

      We accept participants 18 and above. We are running bootcamps throughout the year so please check this website regularly for updates. Perhaps a bootcamp place for her 18th Birthday would be a nice gift :-) 

      Yes! Let me in!

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