Intermediate Conversation Club Membership

This is for you if:-

- You want learning Japanese to be easier.

- You want your spoken Japanese to be better, faster.

- You want to meet Japanese speakers, make friends and connections around the world.

- You want to feel more confident speaking Japanese.

- You realise that time to time (when you get the chance to talk in Japanese) you speak Japanese as if you were translating it from your mother tongue.

- Your biggest challenge is trying to place the words the correct way (since we don't place the verb at the end of the phrase and as a whole, Japanese syntax is the opposite to the English)

- You just don't practice enough and don't have the vocabulary - at least at the forefront of your mind where it would be most useful!-

- You have lived in Japan and you remember that your biggest challenge was to build a sentence in your head.

- You are understanding what people are saying but it always takes forever to reply with even the most simple phrase.

- You applied for a job in Japan - well, you will need to speak to people in Japanese occasionally ;-).

- You are studying to take the N2 exam soon and want to improve your listening.

- You are planning to spend more time in Japan in the future and need to invest in some language study and practice.

Imagine yourself one year from now...

  • Speaking Japanese with less stress and more ease
  • feeling confident travelling around Japan
  • taking the unknown path rather than the tourist trap tours
  • experiencing a deeper connection with Japanese speakers 
  • feeling relaxed about your future trips to Japan
  • greeting each new encounter using Japanese with excitement

​Now, imagine having access to 3 hours of live conversations with Japanese speakers every week. Interactions that focus on spoken communication around topics that are most important to you.

Whether you're new to Japanese conversation, or you've been conversing in Japanese for a while, these conversation sessions can be your key to acquiring and developing the Japanese language fluency you truly desire.

Monthly or yearly membership options available.

No minimum monthly commitment required. You may cancel at any time. 

Membership benefits include:

- Choice of 6 Online Japanese Conversation Club meetings every week. Attend any of the six 30 minute sessions with Japanese speakers.

Zoom study room open every day at 9-10pm UK for you to gather with other members and learn together.

– Reminder emails with links to join events just before they start.

BONUS Special Facebook group with direct links to events.

BONUS live Q&A session every week with our Japanese teachers. Get your questions answered. The recordings are saved in your special FB group for re-watching later.

BONUS Focus Language provided every week.

BONUS Guest Expert Masterclasses: Guest appearances and interviews with experts. Get your questions answered. (BONUS Access to the back catalogue of masterclasses, including: How to have a career in Interpreting and Translation, Work Culture in Japan and how to deal with Culture Shock. Kimono history. Plus strategies for learning, such as - The Kanji Code, Speaking Daily, Formal language, Casual language and Japanese by Chunking. Learning a language as an introvert and how to gain Confidence).

BONUS Member perks and surprises.

Be the First to know and get exclusive discounts on future products and events.

Be part of the best Online Japanese Conversation Community on the internet!


  •  How much is it?

It is £47 per month rolling subscription or £150 for a one-off 3 month membership. Making it around £12-13 per week! That's about the same as three cups of coffee per week! 

  • How do I join?

Scroll down this page to find the "Join" button. Just sign up here and now for instant access. After an orientation email you will receive an email detailing your next online conversation club call.

    • What is the online conversation club schedule?

    Current times (as voted by members):

    Monday    5am Los Angeles / 12noon UK / 10pm Japan followed by Q&A in English

    Monday   12noon LA / 8pm UK / 5am Japan

    Thursday 12midnight LA / 8am UK / 5pm Japan

    Thursday 11am LA / 7pm UK / 4am Japan

    Friday      4am LA / 12noon UK / 9pm Japan

    Saturday 12noon LA / 8pm UK / 5am Japan followed by Q&A in English

    Please check your local time against the U.K. times. The U.K. has daylight saving times and so at certain times of the year, the times in  LA and Japan may differ from those shown.

    • How do I join each conversation club?

    You are sent an email before each conversation club, the email will contain a special link to enable you to access that club.

    • What will we talk about at the conversation club?

    Anything you like! If you are not sure, we provide topics in advance and BONUS focus language which you are free to use during the call. We also play word games, Japanese riddles and tell jokes. You are also free to make a topic request or to see where the conversation leads you.

    • How old are participants?

    Current participants are 18+ years of age.

      • Can I get a refund?

      Refunds are not available for this Conversation Club Membership. Payments give you instant access from that point. For example, if you paid for the monthly subscription on 29th January and cancelled the next day you would still have access until 28th February. If you purchase the one off 3 month block you would have access until 28th April.

          • Do I need to be on Facebook in order to get the links for the events? 

          No, you don't need to be using Facebook. I send you emails before every call. If you still use Messenger chat, we have a group where we send the links too.

          • Do I have to cancel the rolling subscription a month in advance?

          No, you can cancel at any time but please make sure to cancel at least 48hours before your next payment comes out so that we can make sure we do not charge you for the following month. Your payment will come out in advance of the month you want to participate.

          • My daughter is 17, can she join?

          We accept participants 18 and above, so please keep us in mind for her next birthday gift ;-)


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